Currently I play bass in miRthkon, keyboards in Secret Chiefs 3 and MoeTar, everything in Bodies Floating Ashore, and juggle several other curious projects.

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Friday, February 19th, 2016
with The Fuxedos and MoeTar:
This is a rather epic double-duty gig for me. This is another huge Undercover Presents production, this time recreating the classic Green Day album "Dookie." And - holy moley - it's gonna be at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. Lots of amazing bands will be present, I just happen to be in two of them. Gonna be a big one.


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While not making music I work at UC Berkeley where I search for extraterrestrial intelligence and maintain the world's largest volunteer computing project. As well I work on some video games, backpack in the mountains or through the deserts, produce silly videos, or play with my Doberman, Laszlo.

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(portrait photo by Jenya Chernoff)