Matt Lebofsky's Immersion Composition Society Page

The Immersion Composition Society (ICS) is a international collective of freak musicians, separated into local "lodges," where each member has the same perverse craving to spend whole days alone writing, performing, recording, and mixing as many songs from scratch as possible. At day's end lodge members convene at one member's house to drink, socialize, and listen to everyone's material.

I am a proud member of the very first such lodge, aptly named Origin Lodge, here in Oakland, California, though I sometimes run with Wig Lodge, also in Oakland. Below is a registry of all of my ICS output since I began contributing to this society.

The best stuff eventually ends up getting remixed and released under my name on various compendiums, some of which are available at:

Select one of the dates below to see a list of that particular day's output and perhaps some fun anecdotes as well. Click on highlighted song titles to get mp3s or streams. Actually not all songs are available - I left some out due to extreme profanity, my own shame and embarrassment, or because they were artistic failures which should not be validated by public scrutiny.

I hate to rank these songs, because they all have some merit, and you can never predict what other people would actually like better, but nevertheless I mark with a "*" all the songs I feel have "staying power." These are tunes I wish I could play live someday with a band of my clones.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: despite the exclusion of the worst offenders, some songs available below may contain bad words, bad ideas, and/or bad singing. It is up to you to discover which of these may permanently alter you or your child upon listening.

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May 4, 2019
Listening party at: Nat's house
Recorded on: Mac laptop using Logic X

My usual basic session. Sometimes there aren't that many sparks, which was fine. Plus I had a day of several social events so time was limited. Four songs, two of which were relatively useful. Great to have Nat back in the picture for the first time in forever!

1. The Ballad of the Probiotics (1:55)
2. Dilated (2:40)
3. Controller (2:01)
4. Let Me Introduce You to Your Psoas (3:06)

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March 2, 2019
Listening party at: Bill's house
Recorded on: Mac laptop using Logic X

Once again it's been a while, and holy crap I kinda knocked it out of the park. Sometimes the creative firehose is at full frickin' pressure. Five of the six tunes ended up on my next solo album. And I was so jazzed by the general success of this session I had my own private ICS the very next day when I ended up creating the start of another tune "Boring Origin Story" which also ended up on that album.

1. What's With All the Birds? (4:38)
2. The Fog Means Something (2:31)
3. French Canadian Press (2:27)
4. Fading Abilities (3:04)
5. Jouj (2:03)
6. Hosing Out Your Skull (0:48)

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July 7, 2018
Listening party at: Amy's house
, Recorded on: Mac laptop using Logic X

Somehow the stars aligned and I had the time and wherewithal to do another session. However I had all kinds of technical issues, as well as performance issues, but I still ended up with four pretty decent songs. I think I ended up with more material time-wise than all other participants combined. Part of that had to do with writing two dark epics, and one angry little tune, and thus I felt I needed to squeeze out one more - a happy love song just before the deadline - if only to prevent bumming everybody out.

1. Includes Now (6:17)
2. Grey Animals (1:59)
3. I Fail to Bury the Car in a Dry Creek Bed (7:12)
4. Wait Up (2:48)

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January 13, 2018
Listening party at: Amy's house
, Recorded on: Mac laptop using Logic X

Not counting some "ghost" or "lost" ICS sessions, this was my 75th ICS day since I started doing this over 15 years ago. And as such I celebrated by doing something I've never attempted before: 20 songs. That's the usual artificial goal we set for ourselves, so why not try? Well I kept the songs short (19 seconds each on average) and strung them together in a suite for maximum effect. Here are the song titles (and their timing indices). Below that is a link to the bandcamp page (which has the complete suite "Five Hours Twenty Songs" and more info).

1. It’s Getting Away! (0:00)
2. No, I Won’t Answer the Door (0:10)
3. Pleasant Dreams About my Neighbors Going to Sleep Already (0:30)
4. Beaver Dam Made Out of Me (0:46)
5. Yamn (0:58)
6. Pretending You Know Anything About New York (1:11)
7. Habits of the Useless (1:27)
8. Parking Meter Expiring in Slow Motion (1:59)
9. Bad Flu Year (2:19)
10. I Once Didn’t Do That (2:35)
11. Meth Major (2:56)
12. Never Getting Used to That (3:20)
13. What You Become (3:41)
14. In Fact, You Are (4:08)
15. Feeling Pretty Damn Smug Right Now (4:38)
16. Observed But Not Judged (5:02)
17. Vacation in my Head (5:18)
18. Brand New Device (5:32)
19. Risk Averse (5:48)
20. Yeah, Whatever! (6:05)

Five Hours Twenty Songs (6:20)

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October 14, 2017
Listening party at: Steven's house
Recorded on: new-ish mac laptop using Logic X

I actually did an ICS session or two in the meantime, but they were spent working on actual albums. But this time I went old school: simply letting my brain do whatever it wanted with zero preconceived notions or expectations. So, yeah, here's five completely random songs. Drums, basses, guitars, keyboards, midi programming, and a touch of harmonica buried in there - all wrapped up in some half-assed but adequate mixes. I even whipped up lyric sheets to present at the listening party for the first time in years.

1. Projecting (2:26)
2. Kitchener (2:18)
3. Omaha (5:07)
4. A Piano Trio (1:20)
5. Plans for the Future (1:25)

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November 19, 2016
Listening party at: Steven's house
Recorded on: new-ish mac laptop using Logic X

A rainy-day ennui session, done entirely using my laptop, soft synths, and my QuNexus keyboard controller. So a very constrained, introspective day. I got one short atmospheric tune done called "Pointless Discussion." And then I wrote another and felt like it, too, represented a pointless discussion. And then a third one. Then I stitched them together into a suite called "Pointless Discussions." Voila!

1. Pointless Discussions (4:20)

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August 6, 2016
Listening party at: Steve's house
Recorded on: new-ish mac laptop using Logic X

I had a busy day, but missed doing ICS, but I couldn't show up empty handed. So I started my session at 8:45pm. This little ditty was fully realized (using my laptop and micro controller) in about 15 minutes. Not that surprising, really.

1. Berating (1:08)

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January 2, 2016
Listening party at: Amy's house
Recorded on: 2009 iMac using Logic 9

Well I've been meaning to force myself to migrate my in-house production to a slightly more state-of-the-art machine (i.e. moving from my 2003 G5 using DP4 to a 2009 iMac using Logic 9). The bad news is that this newer machine and newer software isn't even close to as useful as the older machine. The good news is now I know. Anyway, this was just a quick 3 hour session as an exercise to prove the above. Fun session, lots of new people, everybody had great stuff.

1. Same Pants (0:51)
2. Same Ants (0:38)
3. Triple Booked (1:58)

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April 11, 2015
Listening party at: Steve's house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4 (even still!!!)

A pretty good session day. I worked pretty solid for 8 hours, generating 14 minutes of hot, fresh music and obviously still exorcising some demons. However the excessive inspiration and tracking left little time for proper mixing. Fine. Here are the rough versions (maybe to be replaced with better mixes someday).

1. Spit Baptism (3:16) *
2. If I Had a Hammer or a Sharp Knife or a Gun (2:40)
3. Weakling Takes a Long Stupid Walk (1:51)
4. Incredible Options Have You No Shame (5:35)

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December 6, 2014
Listening party at: Steven's house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4 (still!!!)

It's been a year, but it was the same old, same old. And that's a good thing. I'm once again finding myself woefully behind in recording my *real* music, so I needed a low pressure session to dust off my recording gear and engineering chops. Also, it's just a fun thing to do. For some reason I gave myself this random constraint that I had to do the whole session without my (currently really long) hair in a ponytail, just to prove that I could without getting too annoyed. Nothing really new or important here, musically.

1. Moves Like Hagar (2:04)
2. Parking Complex (2:20)
3. It Will Be Okay (4:56)
4. Plating (0:58)

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December 7, 2013
Listening party at: Steven's house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4 (still!)

And after another long, long hiatus I came back and squeezed out a couple of standard Matt tunes. A whiny strummer, some ambient horror, a standard indie rock tune, and a long loopy moper with nice chords. Nothing that great, but good to shake it out once in a while, you know?

1. 5:45 (0:56)
2. Lying in the Shower Puking (0:44)
3. People Death (2:44)
4. This Again (4:57)

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September 1, 2012
Listening party at: Cooper's house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

It's been a while, and I've been touring a lot playing bass and keyboards, so my guitar/drum/voice chops kinda were out of sorts when I started this day. Fair enough, I ended up just sticking to this one song and fleshing it out as much as I could. It's a real bummer, based upon a true story I heard the other day about a friend's unexpected witnessing of the insane underworld of child sex slavery.

1. Crushed Eft (7:34)

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May 5, 2012
Listening party at: Karry's pad
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4, iMac using Logic

I've been really busy, and had very little time to do a proper session. So I made practical use of my limited time. First song is something I've been working on for years: a piano version of the Dr. Nerve guitar/bass duet (written by Nick Didkovsky). I've been about 90% done learning this piece for a decade, so I finally used the ICS force to get the last 10% and record the thing already. It's pretty rough, and obviously several takes edited together, but no midi edits or other cheating I swear. Still have to tighten the screws on that one, but at least a proof of concept is there. The other piece I just farted out as a means to work on my Logic midi data entry chops and learning about the default sounds.

1. Did Sprinting Die? (Dr. Nerve cover) (4:52)
2. Pickles 'n Soda (3:24)

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December 3, 2011
Listening party at: Steven's abode
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4, iMac using Logic

It's been a while, during which I was touring a lot - and touring really kills my chops (because, ironically, you don't have much time to practice). So the focus on this session was to write stuff that was good practice. That's why I did a Matt Lebofsky ICS first: an actual cover song! The first tune is by Motorpsycho, and a fairly faithful attempt at it. The rest ended up being standard ICS fodder. Two tone poems sandwiching a prog ballad epic (which was inspired by somebody else's true story - it's not about me), and the final song which leads me to believe that playing instruments is total bullshit and I should just program MIDI from now on - it's way too much fun.

By the way... this session means I've been doing ICS for over 10 years now, totaling well over 300 songs during 64 day sessions. Yup.

1. Tristiano (Motorpsycho cover) (5:14)
2. Basement Urinal at Night (1:54)
3. Cottonwood Canyon Road (4:02)
4. Parade (1:18)
5. Sneeze (3:57)

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May 28, 2011
Listening party at: Cooper's house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4, iPad2

Another haven't-done-this-in-a-long-time sessions. Out of practice, but I came up with some good tunes. Inspired mostly by my new Korg keyboard, so it's very present in these tunes. The first tune (a drums/organ duo) I intended to throw away but it was a good enough "soundcheck" song. The second tune unintentionally sounds like recent Radiohead. The third and fifth songs are true stories. The fourth song has backdrop foley of me and Jenya hiking in Utah desert sand (recorded on my iPhone days earlier) and the lyrics are indeed a haiku. The last tune is the requisite mind-melt mini-epic. Recorded it all the same day as the listening session, which included fresh sessions from Cooper and Lew, who haven't done it in years. Great to have them back. Everybody else rocked it, too, as usual.

1. Gargoyle Balls (1:19)
2. Kettle Corn (2:43)
3. The Communist and the Libertarian Go Backpacking (1:30)
4. Narrows (1:28)
5. Opening Band (2:04)
6. Parowan Gap (2:52)

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November 27, 2010
Listening party at: Steven's pad
Recorded on: iMac using Logic, Mac G5 using DP4

Usually when I take a break from doing this it takes me some time to ramp back up. I guess this batch was no exception - I was hoping to generate a lot more material, but there ya go. Still, it's pretty fucking dark and pretty fucking dense. Dig it. Following the 10 hours of effort making all this crap was a great listening session containing all kinds of random material from new/old faces.

1. Valerian (2:43)
2. Hold Them (1:12)
3. Field of Fingers (4:00)
4. Wrong to Choose (2:19) *

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June 5, 2010
Listening party at: Steven's pad
Recorded on: iMac using Logic, Mac G5 using DP4

Another typical session for me in a lot of ways. No real new ground or discoveries, but among other things you got a real mopey epic, along with a song about dog feces. All true stories. The third song would have had more saxophone but I had bashed the mouthpiece into my lip after one take causing all kinds of bleeding. Plus I ran out of time in general due to social obligations so the mixing/mastering is of less quality than I'd like. I'll clean it up later if I re-release any of this junk.

1. GWB (2:58) *
2. 10 Days in Berlin (10:06) *
3. Doberman Poop (2:04)
4. My Coffee Tastes Like Soap (0:51)

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May 1, 2010
Listening party at: Andy/Michael's place

My first real-ish session in a long time, but still I did this mostly as an exercise for learning Logic and getting my chops on this software together. Yeah, I'm burning out on DP (which I still run on a dying old G5 tower - part of the reason I'm switching over eventually). Anyway, the longer tracks were started in Logic MIDI-land, then shoveled over to DP for the real instruments.

1. Drips (2:16)
2. Somewhere (0:44)
3. Black Toast Intolerant (0:46)
4. Pipe (2:46)
5. You Should Leave (2:10)

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January 30, 2010
Listening party at: Dren's pad
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

There was a major track swap going on for a full month before this session involving pretty much everybody else except me. So I whipped this one song together the day of the listening session just to have something to play so when I showed up I wouldn't be empty-handed. Took about an hour. The rhythm code: 5-6-5-6-3.

1. Adventures in Science (1:40)

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December 12, 2009
Listening party at: Dobson/Mellender's haus
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

I wasn't really planning on doing this session, but at the last minute realized my chops were in need of work, and this would be a good way to "warm back up" without too much pressure, i.e. spend a day working on recordings of stuff I didn't really care about. So here you are, four tiny tunes. A large showing of people this time around, including many usuals as well as less usuals (Shamrock, Ri, his pal Tim). Great stuff by everyone! Freakhead did 80 songs. What a loon! Yes, my "No Kill Shelter" song made everybody sad.

1. Vector (1:32)
2. Lubbock (1:19)
3. No Kill Shelter (1:30)
4. The Crouton Maker (1:06)

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August 22, 2009
Listening party at: My place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

It's been a while, but I dusted off the creative cobwebs and had an indulgent session. Some worthwhile bits in there I guess, and usual Lebofsky-type stuff: a mopey epic, a weird dance tune in 15, a couple throwaway bits... and song 4 which is actual me playing along with a piano score I quickly threw together in Sibelius. The listening session was awesome - ten people, ten great contributions, lots of geeking out about gear and gigs and life as a musician until wee hours.

1. Jaywalker (7:08) *
2. The Waxman (2:46)
3. Sentimental Hernia (1:24)
4. Stop Doing Things (1:22)
5. Fuck Dems (1:04)

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March 28, 2009
Listening party at: Steven's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

For no good reason I felt it would be good to finally reach the goal of 300 songs done during these ICS days. To do so, I forced myself to write 10 songs during this session - and not just 10 bullshit short songs either. The whole thing took me roughly 12 hours (including mixing). I ended up with more music (time-wise) than any previous session. Cool. It's all kinda dark and midlife-crisis-y, but that's where I'm at, I guess. It's almost like a concept album. And yeah, I really miss playing bass guitar.

1. Life Defying (2:22)
2. Anything Else? (2:10) *
3. Drunk Uncle (2:20)
4. To Make Beautiful Art (1:00)
5. You Can't Help It (3:33)
6. The Gardener (2:57) *
7. Dish Doing (1:56)
8. Applied Physics (1:28)
9. Perfunctory Cleaning (1:06)
10. Worst Day Ever (3:29) *

And.. as if that wasn't enough, Jenya and I squeezed out a quick but perfectly depressing duo song just before the session. We're thinking this is a sketch and probably just the intro of a future Fuzzy Cousins epic.

11. Place (2:40)

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February 28, 2009
Listening party at: Mellender/Dobson's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

Mmm-kay then. I did this session the day before, after spending the whole morning making a giant hole in the ceiling of my kitchen (hunting for several roof leaks). Plus I was in the throes of cramming a bunch of Fleetwood Mac material in for an emergency gig later that weekend. So I was in weird mental space. Anyway, here are four songs. None of them really stand out in my mind, but they represent various facets of my being. The second song seems embarrassingly histrionic but I wrote the words to fit the music. The third song features a string orchestra arrangement using the scoring program Sibelius of all things, then I tried to apply real instruments on top.

1. Crayolaphobia (2:38)
2. Fraidy (2:26)
3. Passerine (3:27)
4. Forest Ranger (1:22)

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January 31, 2009
Listening party at: Steven's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

Another large joint Origin/Wig Lodge meeting of sorts, with a couple prolfiic newbies who both arrived with tons of cool material. So it was a long night of listening but everybody had really entertaining shit. I myself had a weird session that same day, broken up with a three hour trip to Cotati to pick up half a butchered pig, so I didn't have a full day to work on it, but then again I usually burn out after six hours anyway. As proof that I've been doing ICS type composition my whole life I brought some old 4-track recording "Shape Up or Ship Out" I did back in 1989 (including Commodore Amiga drum machine program output) - I'm finally getting around to dumping this old stuff to digital. The rest of the material is of the "usual" sort, kinda nice for the most part. I need to remix a lot of it. The guitar on the first song is the baritone with all the strings tuned to "D" (left that way since that Moe show).

1. Everything Nothing (1:29)
2. Spine Aligned (4:18) *
3. Half a Hog (0:44)
4. In Your House (4:46) *

5. Shape Up or Ship Out (1989) (1:22)

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December 20, 2008
Listening party at: Mellender/Dobson's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

A small holiday gathering (actually without Nicolas) of me, Mellender, Clarke, Karry, and Mick. Everybody brought something relatively short. I only had a few hours today to work on anything and gave myself the constraint of just using my Yamaha MM6 keyboard and that's it (outside of DP looping/manipulation). So it's fairly techno-y but still kinda weird. Total musical and political geekery went on well into the evening after listening to everybody's fine contributions.

1. Do You Work Here? (4:28)

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November 29, 2008
Listening party at: Steven's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

A full fledged Wig Lodge meeting was at hand. Jenya and I didn't have much time (due to holiday plans and all) so we decided to just spend a couple hours working some funky dance tunes using just my Yamaha keyboard and whatever production DP could offer. We ended up getting sucked into this one song, adding real instruments after all. So it's me on keyboards, guitar, voice, and production, and Jenya on bass guitars, real percussion, voice, and production. Maybe Fuzzy Cousins will become a sexy dance band.

1. Plant Your Nasty on Me (2:57)

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November 8, 2008
Listening party at: Nicolas and Michael's House
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

I actually did this one song for a Wig Lodge session the previous month that never happened. And I did it on very little sleep after returning from an overnight gig in San Diego. I gave myself an hour and this is what I came up with. The weird stuff at the beginning is a blue tape fugue, followed by creepy vocalizations, then a bass/keyboard improv duo, then a percussion frenzy using whatever items were within reach, then a bass guitar tap fest, and finally a funk jam with ungodly bass guitar/piano unisons (played simultaneously). All together interesting but not really that good.

1. Nap (2:36)

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September 27, 2008
Listening party at: Steven's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

I didn't have much time - like four or five hours - so I tried a new game: come up with a fake band name, fake lineup, and then pretend to be them. So this time it wasn't me - it was The Hidden Fees recording their debut EP "Please." They are a power trio where the guitarist sings (and strangely sounds a lot like me)... Anyway the results aren't all that wonderful, but my fellow ICSers appreciated the "raw" sound since I did everything assembly line style (recorded all the drums, then the bass parts, then the guitar parts, then the lyrics, then mixed in one fell swoop and chopped it back up into eight songs). In any case, a lot of output for 5 hours of total effort. Quantity not quality this time around.

1. Reunion Tour (1:45)
2. Ringtone (1:43)
3. Let's Not Dance (2:10)
4. May I Take Your Coat? (1:19)
5. I Use Your Toothbrush (2:22)
6. Lazy (1:21)
7. Vacation Unfolds (1:53)
8. Come With Me I'll Show You How (1:39)

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August 30, 2008
Listening party at: Mike/Andy's apartment
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

One epic song which I forced myself to more or less completely score out before recording, which is not exactly what I usually do. Then another song which found me experiencing minor technical issues and I was so burned out from the first song that I left off any excess overdubs and called it a day. Actually the listening session as well was fraught with technical problems: Andy's stereo had a blown speaker, Emil showed up with a blank CD (he brought the wrong one), Kelek/Steven did a joint session and some of the mixes were distorted. Still, what we did hear was inspiring as usual.

1. Cascades (6:24) *
2. Their Turf (2:26)

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July 26, 2008
Listening party at: Steven's place
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

First real session in a while - and there were a lot of people planning to attend so I kept my focus on "density" (i.e. short songs packed with lots of information) rather than proving I can make another 7 minute prog rock epic among other things. A lot of silly/dark stuff. "Doom Broom" is an homage to the band the Stickmen - maybe a ripoff more than an homage. Lots of amazing stuff by all the other meeting attendees - it was rather inspiring.

1. Another Soundcheck (0:37)
2. Death Reaches into a Pack of Children (1:07)
3. Gray Area (1:16)
4. Black Thumb (0:36)
5. Traffic School (1:46) *
6. Doom Broom (0:53)
7. Wikimemoriam (1:20)

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April 26, 2008
Listening party at: Mike/Andy's apartment
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

I was more in the mood to listen than create this time around, so I just did a "power hour" (i.e. give myself one hour to do something/anything) and this one little track was all I came up with. Just drumkit and voice.

1. Blister Box (1:13)

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April 12, 2008
Listening party at: Mellender/Dobson's abode
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

Yet another typical offering from me- a couple short instrumentals, a goofy pop tune, a prog rock epic, a weird ballad. It's up to you to figure out which is which. I did it all the previous day in about 10 hours from start to mix/master. I had a block party the actual day of the session - though the first song is not about that as much as my current answer to "Life During Wartime." And I've been listening to a lot of Kate Bush lately hence the appearance of fretless bass (with doubler). 'Twas a good Origin Lodge session over all. Nic/Mike did a joint "hat lib" session, Freakhead/Dominique did a joint session as well, and Karry and Wally did their own things - everybody was in top form.

1. Block Party (2:38)
2. Three Cows (1:12)
3. Monkey Puzzle (6:11)
4. Drain (2:52)
5. Kea (1:48)

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January 12, 2008
Listening party at: My house again
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

A good way to kick off the new year with a clean slate. I purged big time on this session, working longer than I normally do (12 hours, I usually burn out after 8) - though you probably can't tell since it's still not that much music, temporally speaking. There were at least two songs I started and ultimately abandoned. So be it. Anyway, I belched up all kinds of stuff: tweaker, techno, classic rock, jazz/fusion piano trio... First time 1. using new studio monitors, 2. building real/fake drum loops in DP (the penultimate song has a drum loop but the dueling basses are all live - I'm really getting into jamming on my new/used 5-string - it ended up on every song). I channeled Motorpsycho for "Corn Cherry Mama" and Cheer-Accident for "Brisket Weather." I admit the latter is cutting it a little too close on those 6/4 guitar clusters. It happens. Or maybe I'm the only one who noticed.

1. Misanthrope (0:47)
2. Glazed Donuts and Apprehension (1:47)
3. Idiot Cloud (1:11)
4. Mike Lives in Alabama Now (0:58)
5. Brisket Weather (1:52)
6. Corn Cherry Mama (2:31)
7. Battle Axe Culture (2:39)
8. No (1:50) *

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November 10, 2007
Listening party at: My own damn house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

First new session in a while (though I did an "album clause" day a couple months ago to catch up on languishing Midline Errors stuff). This session was short and sweet and no real revelations, though I did finally break out the violin and trumpet again (for "Rotorua") and also got a recording of my baby grand upstairs on the last track via a microphone downstairs cranked really hot. The only instruments used in the second track were a pair of metal bowls.

1. Pot Committed (1:38)
2. Jungle of Rubbish (0:59)
3. Wrong Impression (1:59)
4. Road to Rotorua (3:05) *
5. Toxic Dust (1:10)

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April 14, 2007
Listening party at: My own damn house
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

Crazy session for me. Not much to say except I got more quality material than usual, or so I think. I was aiming for at least 18 minutes on the first piece but just got seven. "You are Jesus Now," is a quote from Mike Pukish in a recent e-mail so I stole that for the song title. The final song gets a star because the chorus came out better than I thought possible. Maybe that's just me.

1. The Farting Husband (7:13)
2. Blind Date (1:14)
3. List of Occultists (1:16)
4. Tangry (1:06)
5. You are Jesus Now (2:11)
6. Tropical Storm (3:05) *

But wait! There's more! Jenya and I (a.k.a. Fuzzy Cousins) had a few scant minutes over this past week to do a pseudo "exquisite corpse" ICS session. Sort of. I started with a couple song fragment ideas, Jenya then added stuff, and then I took another crack at it, etc. All told, "Pissing" is me on guitar/bass/keys/voice and Jenya on drums/voice. We could take equal co-writing credit on that, but Jenya was the mastermind behind "Cold" writing the lyrics and the melodies/harmonies over my rather basic guitar part.

1. Pissing Contest (2:17)
2. Cold Invocation (3:42)

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February 24, 2007
Listening party at: Andy & Mike's apartment
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

A formal Wig Lodge session. I wasn't planning on doing anything this time around but plans suddenly changed. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to resurrect a Buckles Bunklucky epic which I started on the November 20, 2005 session but scrapped because I was burnt out and thought it was total crap. It was basically 90% done - I got past the Tucker Tushbottom entrance and kinda just dried up. So I spent an hour or so today cleaning up the last couple of sequences and mixing it and now it was at least presentable as a whole. You be the judge. Anyway, I'm glad I attended this listening session as everybody else's contributions were amazing.

1. Buckles Bunklucky Goes to Mount Diablo (5:32)

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January 20, 2007
Listening party at: Dren's Office
Recorded on: Mac G5 using DP4

These days the public sessions are few and far between, which is both a good and bad thing. This time around I had 6 microphones on the kit (some recently purchased). Though this is a far cry from when I was just using one microphone, they were poorly aimed so the sound quality isn't exactly six times better. Otherwise, it was the usual drill resulting in some fun songs. The only minor disaster is that I lost the "good" guitar take on "Dirndl" during mixing so there are a few flubs left in there but whatever. I can fix those later if I like.

1. Nanuet (1:28)
2. Dirndl (2:20)
3. The Palm Islands (1:14)
4. Mick Jagger, D.D.S. (0:54)
5. Buttock (1:22)
6. The Human Race (4:08) *

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October 14, 2006
Listening party at: Cyberspace
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

Bored and frustrated by the A's getting swept in the postseason I decided to embark on an ICS session on my own right here, right fuckin' now. The whole thing ended up taking 80 minutes from the moment of entering my rehearsal space and setting up microphones to final mixes being burned on a CD. Frankly, I didn't really produce anything all that great - just lots of bad first takes and indulgent purging. Well, judge for yourself.

1. A's Lost (Swept in Quite Convincing Fashion) (0:19)
2. Supermodel Droppings (0:15)
3. Internet Forum Song (0:23)
4. Sheep (1:09)
5. Newt Newtons (0:33)

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July 15, 2006
Listening party at: Nicolas and Michael's House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

A good ol' Origin Lodge meeting with the usuals, and I did my usual 12 minutes of crap. Some pretty good stuff all around, though nothing totally stands out. I got a couple ideas for songs by using the "random article" feature on Wikipedia. There were no sequencers used at all in track 4 - all notes were played with my fingers and thumbs on my Roland D-5. Oh yeah - I got a new condenser microphone for my birthday - the drums/voices sound better, no?

1. Starlight Problem (2:28)
2. Just Watch Me (3:24)
3. I Have a Jewish Lawyer (3:20)
4. Potassium Permanganate (1:24)
5. World Cup (1:10)

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June 24, 2006
Listening party at: Steven's house
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

Actually my first formal Wig Lodge session, and it was a hoot and a half. I disappeared for several months preparing for tour, and then going on tour. So it was nice to come back and purge. Even though this wasn't my best session on the books, it was a super fun listening session - everybody had a kick-ass session. Too bad I had to drive to Sebastopol that night and couldn't hang around for a second listen. By the way, the "bitch" is my brother, to whom that ugly little song is dedicated.

1. Bumble Bat (2:48)
2. Point of Rocks (4:26)
3. Mormon on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1:22)
4. Shirtless (2:12)
5. Dance for me Bitch (0:42)

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January 21, 2006
Listening party at: the Nursery
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

The first "big" session in a while. Lots of the usuals and a couple newbies to boot. We listened in the kitchen of the Nursery which currently has the best stereo system in the house. As for me, I had a pretty good day. I once again used a random song title generator for all but one of these tunes (the throwaway "Feliz"). This helps get random inspirational juices flowing, I guess. I showed up with my lyric sheets, and Steve countered with a printout of a waveform from one of his songs.

1. Bassett Maw (1:36)
2. Counterfeit Answer (2:04) *
3. Feliz (1:26)
4. Invent Sandbag (2:00)
5. Persian Nap (0:44)
6. Dark Innards (6:12) *

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December 24, 2005
Listening party at: Nowhere
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

There was no session scheduled, and I suddenly found myself with three free hours on a Saturday afternoon. So why the hell not churn out a few quickies? So here ya go. Hasty composition, lots of sloppy first takes and piss-poor lyrics. And the mix is really frickin' hot for some reason. Enjoy!

1. Happy Holidays (0:45)
2. Cold Meal (1:25)
3. Ache (1:16)

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November 12, 2005
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

I tried to avoid doing filler bullshit or songs just for the sake of the entertainment of my friends. So I churned out the following two songs in 3 hours, and then was working on a 5 minute Buckles Bunklucky epic when suddenly it dawned on me it was total crap and not worth wasting the rest of my day. I threw it out. So that's it. Just two songs today. Sorry, folks. The latter song features samples of me counting at age 2, with some coaching from my dad. Am I cute or what?

1. Shit Comes Right Off (3:03)
2. Fike! (3:20)

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August 20, 2005
Listening party at: Steve's House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

A good day, both in session quality and listening party attendance. As a challenge to myself I used a hybrid half electric/half acoustic kit: only the hi-hat/snare/bass are real - the rest are samples played off a Roland SPD-S pad. Everything else was the status quo. This was also the first session in literal ages where I recorded the same day as the listening party. So I was fairly giddy by nightfall, laughing uncontrollably when Mick innocently prefaced his CD with, "This was my first DP session with Matt and Steve." Of course he meant Digital Performer, but nevertheless DP can mean something entirely different.

1. Holodeck (2:50)
2. What are you Eating Off the Floor? (1:02)
3. Foonty Foonty (1:12)
4. Godd (1:20)
5. Tabla for Two (1:40) *
6. Osedax (2:42) *

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July 9, 2005
Listening party at: My House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

Finally another real ICS day. The game for me today was to avoid working on short bullshit, and therefore maximize output in the time domain. For the most part I was successful, coming up with almost 18 minutes of stuff that's at least adequate, some of which I'm quite pleased with. The listening party ended up just being me and Lew and Freakhead and Jenya. Everybody is so busy these days.

1. Laborers Form a Union (2:58)
2. Assholes at the Gym (1:44)
3. Boiling Down Chicken Soup (2:06) *
4. Route 209 Revisited (5:04)
5. Neighborly (1:54)
6. Open House (2:00)
7. Paria Water (1:56)

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June 18, 2005
Listening party at: My House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

I called a last minute session with too little notice for any quorum to be reached, so I decided to just do a solo day if only to keep me in practice. I spend about 3 hours coming up with 3 ditties. Didn't bother with drumkit today (it's always a hassle to set up microphones, mix the extra tracks, etc.).

1. Return (2:29)
2. Weedwhacker Blues (1:23)
3. The Story of the Man Who Lost His Testicles (1:48)

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April 16, 2005
Listening party at: Dren's House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4 / Tascam 424mkIII

First one in a while, and I ended up with reasonable results (though I pretty much decided after hearing the final CD that I really need to get better mix monitors). This was recorded/mixed in fits and starts throughout the long day, including one song done on my front porch while Jenya used our rehearsal space for an actual band rehearsal. Anyway, usual crap: weird humor, flaunty chops, self-loathing, etc. During the listening session I was shocked to find myself having to prove that Slint is a good band. Why should this ever be disputed?

1. Opener (1:10)
2. Mike Pukish Lives in Long Beach Now (1:10)
3. Front Porch (1:08)
4. 5.10 (1:28) *
5. Glom (2:34) *
6. I Never Liked You (1:04)

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December 18, 2004
Listening party at: Steve Lew's House
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

The second of two small holiday season Origin Lodge meetings. Unable to schedule any long period of time between last week and this meeting, I did something new - I did my session after a long work day. To do so, I spent the afternoon thinking of ideas and jotting them down. When I got home I gave myself 3 hours to record and mix these ideas. Somehow I managed to accomplish this, mostly thanks to increased my tolerance for bad takes and refusing to do any punch-ins. There are no edits in any of the songs below. Not bad - one song per half hour.

1. Turbo Scrabble (2:02)
2. Mini Pecan Pies (0:29)
3. Mortician (0:50)
4. iPod Life (0:28)
5. Music for Brian Eno's Appendectomy (1:08)
6. Problems of the Butt (0:52)

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December 11, 2004
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

The first of two small holiday season Origin Lodge meetings. My day started late, was broken up by various errand runs, and contained at least two songs which I scrapped halfway through because they just sucked. So I'm not really all that happy with what I came up with, but it's not bad, either.

1. We are not Escapists (2:24)
2. String Quintet #1 (0:38)
3. Ich Warte (1:24)
4. String Quintet #2 (0:50)
5. Go Fuck the Rug (1:38)

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November 20, 2004
Listening party at: Morgan's house
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

This was a big one. Most of the members from both Wig and Origin Lodges were in attendance, as were representatives from both the X-Ray Lodge (from Santa Cruz) and Neptune Lodge (from Vancouver). Luckily everybody kept their submissions relatively short, so that we weren't up until 4:00am listening to everything. I think I had the most stuff, clocking in at over 12 minutes. Too bad I had a lackluster day. Wasted precious hours on 5 little whatever tunes such that I barely had enough time to flesh out the one unwieldy prog rock epic. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

1. Yucca Yucca (1:00)
2. Beyond the Hills You'll Find a Long Dirt Road With a Beautiful Old House at the End Which Actually Doesn't Exist (8:40)
3. Getting Into Shit (0:30)
4. Bar Stamp Tattoo (1:00)
5. Regarding Scott Peterson (0:34)
6. Alexei the Cat (0:24)

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June 26, 2004
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Mac G4 using DP4

Hooray! I finally got a real hard-disk recording setup working at my house. So I got to add as many parts as I liked, use digital compressors left and right, and even have stereo drum parts! The only weird thing which I have yet to figure out is how to get the final mixes to be louder. So these .mp3s are a little quieter than the others. Maybe I'll fix them someday. Maybe not.

1. Year of Nothing (2:56)
2. Making Faces (2:18)
3. Spot (4:24) *
4. Enterlude (2:54) *
5. KPFA or NPR (2:26)

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February 28, 2004
Listening party at: Dren's place in Alameda
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

I had a pretty good day, inspired by a program I wrote that came up with 40 some odd song titles by picking completely random words out of the standard unix dictionary. I picked the titles that made at least some sense to me and went from there. Yes, I realize that song #5 is a complete Scorn ripoff.

1. Yokel Antenna (1:46)
2. Disastrous Malone (3:36)
3. Okinawa Copious Curd (2:50) *
4. Habib Odium (0:57)
5. Cock Violent Sybarite (4:21)
6. Influx Positron (3:12) *

Jenya and I also squirreled away some time on another day to work on a tune together. That's me singing, playing guitar, bass, and some percussion. That's her singing, playing keyboards, taiko drums, regular drumkit, radio, and the cat.

1. Adrift (2:18)

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January 10, 2004
Listening party at: Karry's new place in Oakland
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

A fairly good day all around, and a real mixed bag of material. You got your catchy pop tune, your angry purge, your prog rock epic, your ambient drone, your insane freak out, and your throwback vocal piece. It's up to you to figure out which is which. Jenya heard these songs and said, "wow, you're really workin' it out today."

1. Why Did You Bring That Up? (1:35)
2. Backroad (1:36)
3. Special (2:32)
4. So Damn Sure (3:02) *
5. Mop (4:41) *
6. Two Things (0:43)

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December 20, 2003
Listening party at: Morgan's house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

I had no time to do anything for real. I wrote/recorded these little ditties in less than an hour, mixed them all down, then got on with my day. You can't do a full ICS day all the time, you know?

1. Blood on the Waterslide (0:56)
2. Civil Engineering (0:31)
3. Dietary Restrictions (0:24)
4. More Things Todd Said (0:34)

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December 6, 2003
Listening party at: Morgan's house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

I really hit a groove on this one, I think. I physically felt like I overdid it by the end of the day, but then it turns out it was just food poisoning. Damn El Torido! Song #4 is dedicated to ES.

1. Life Stains (1:25) *
2. Muley Point (3:42) *
3. Open Your Mouth (1:01)
4. La Val's (2:31) *
5. Puddles of Drizzle (1:03)
6. Sticky Crotch (3:05)

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November 22, 2003
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

I teamed up with my wonderful wife, Jenya, to do this particular day together - she played drums, synth, vibes, and sang some backing vocals. This is something we should do more often.

1. Lemmings (2:25)
2. Meateor (2:14)

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November 8, 2003
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Screw the computer. I went back to using just the 4-track, but with the extra added help of a dumb, cheap compressor I dug out of the basement for the first time in years. Well, I did piece together the 5 or 6 separate elements of the final epic track in the PC. So sue me. Wow - it almost sounds like I know how to play the saxophone.

1. Hey! Who Shit in my Bong?! (0:54)
2. Waking to Broken Glass (1:02)
3. Disorder (2:09)
4. Abgebrochen (1:21)
5. 7.5 Minute Map (7:12) *

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August 9, 2003
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII / Pentium II computer

This session (a) was poorly attended, (b) featured some of my better stuff in a while, (c) was another 4-track/computer hybrid for me, and (d) includes the debut of my saxophone, which is kind of embarrassing.

1. The Suffocating Band (0:55)
2. Morning Person (2:22) *
3. Macro-Mellender (1:36)
4. Never Home (4:09) *
5. Stud Boy (1:27)
6. The Ballad of John Fogerty (1:07)

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June 28, 2003
Listening party at: Andy & Mike's apartment
Recorded on: Pentium II computer

Another Origin/Wig Lodge joint set. Nic came up with this idea that people should work on revisions of their songs. I took it one step further and did revisions of other people's tunes. Rather, I just cut up other people's contributions, adding them on top of each other, and making them "better." HA!

1. Three (2:09) (Guberman/Walker/Dobson/Carton)
2. Phonin (1:05) (Clark/Koryat)
3. Brontosaurus (0:43) (Lew/Mellender)

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June 14, 2003
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Pentium II computer

All that needs to be said is this song is dedicated to Matthew Sperry.

1. Why Now? (6:41)

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May 31, 2003
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII / Pentium II computer

Another attempt at using my computer, but this time I did basics on my 4-track and then added additional stuff on the PC. All this technology and effort is vastly reducing my output. My feelings about this are represented in song #4.

1. The Breathing Band (1:31)
2. Matt is a Very Poor Sport (1:43)
3. Lights on (0:54)
4. Progress (1:25) *

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May 10, 2003
Listening party at: Andy & Mike's apartment
Recorded on: Pentium II computer

Dreadfully sick of using a 4-track when everybody else has these fabulous home studios, I somehow coaxed my tired old PC into doing some hard disk based recording. The first song was a masterpiece, but must be kept silent due to obvious political reasons. The final song contains a loop from the now-defunct German indie-rock band Porf.

1. Open Letter to a President (3:18)
2. Think Again (1:11)
3. Somehow German (2:34)

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February 22, 2003
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Trying to shake things up a bit, I decided to use only one instrument today (besides my voice), that being my crappy old Roland D-5 keyboard. No sequencers or loops - just me triggering lame patches (including drum sounds) with my fingers and thumbs.

1. Explanation Song (1:36)
2. Ballad of Matt Lefofsky (0:48)
3. 7/10 (2:35)
4. Rub Yourself Against the Rim (0:54)
5. The Impossible Heap (1:43)
6. I Smell Bad (2:12)
7. Berkeley Bowl Produce Section (1:03)
8. Running Around Like a Fucking Idiot (2:04)

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January 18, 2003
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

The fresh year brought out fresh ideas, including a whole new Buckles Bunklucky suite. I feel this was my most inspired day since last April. To this day I still feel completely smug with how well song #2 came out.

1. Banana for Breakfast (1:12) *
2. Watching the News (2:25) *
3. Buckles Bunklucky is not in the Mood (featuring Buckles Bunklucky and Tucker Tushbottom):
Part 1: Buckles attends a total rager where things get a bit out of hand (0:33)
Part 2: The next morning Buckles finds himself stumbling down Piedmont Avenue with a total acid hangover (0:43)
Part 3: Buckles bumps into Tucker Tushbottom and they exchange small talk about hallucinogens (0:40)
Part 4: Tucker demonstrates that he can levitate a few inches off the sidewalk like that David Blaine guy (0:19)
Part 5: Buckles demands an explanation but Tucker obnoxiously brushes it off as "magic" (0:25)
Part 6: Not in the mood for bullshit, Buckles kicks Tucker's sorry ass then flees to Peet's, leaving Tucker writhing in a puddle of his own blood (0:44)
4. Mechanically Separated (2:06)
5. Fire Bad (2:36)

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November 30, 2002
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Another short day - am I burning out? Today we see a return of the beloved Buckles Bunklucky character. We also have me fattening the brief set with a lazy cut-up of various CDs from my collection (including Magma, Breadwinner, 5ive Style, Ruins, Rapeman, Happy Family, Of Montreal, Van Der Graaf Generator, Brise Glace, and Alboth!).

1. Harry Potter Song (1:12)
2. Buckles Bunklucky Stumbles on his Way to the Supermarket and Turns his Ankle (0:34)
3. Sit Down (2:09)
4. Buckles Bunklucky Blows his Entire Paycheck at the Racetrack (0:35)
5. Buckles Bunklucky Spends Three Hours Waiting in the Wrong Line at the DMV (0:39)
6. House Fire (1:59) *
7. A Pointless Glimpse at my Record Collection (1:23)

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November 16, 2002
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Another listening party at my house. Today was pretty short and to the point, though I finally started bouncing tracks to make room for lusher arrangements. Note how I usually start all my sets with a short, loud, throwaway song during which everybody quiets down and I can adjust the volume levels accordingly.

1. Big Fat Fucking Unison (0:24)
2. Pork is Forever (1:21)
3. Hundred Bucks Down the Drain (1:40)
4. Nobody Likes You (0:51)
5. Touch (2:24) *
6. Guy Wants to Kick my Ass (1:32)
7. I Will Kill All Cell Phone Owners (0:58)

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October 26, 2002
Listening party at: Nat's apartment
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

For some sick reason I decided to not use any bass guitar today - it's all keyboard bass and baritone guitar instead. The listening party was only like 3 or 4 of us in Nat's apartment, and Nat wasn't even there to attend it!

1. Lentil Soup (1:52)
2. Matt's Crazy Camel Dance (1:24) *
3. Godliness (2:41) *
4. Repulsive (1:57)
5. SansAmp Song (3:43)
6. Shlemazel (0:36)

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September 30, 2002
Listening party at: My house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Back to normal ICS procedure. The listening party was at my house for the first time, which was fun. Meaningless factoid: the entire drum track for the last song was done first, and in one take. And my German is much worse than my Spanish, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

1. Journey to Gerkens (1:38)
2. Herrkartoffelkopf (1:14)
3. Virgos (0:50)
4. Franchise Basically Run by High School Kids (1:43)
5. Somebody Likes Their Horchata (0:43)
6. Meat Nights (0:39)
7. Director's Cut (7:04) *

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August 18, 2002
Listening party at: Backyard of the Filbert Street house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

And today was "International Volume Day" where every ICS member from every lodge had exactly one hour (between noon and 1:00pm), instead of the whole day, to create as much as possible. Of course the sum total of everybody's output lasted much longer than an hour, which I think was the whole point of the exercise. I tried to push boundaries by managing to write and record one 5-minute song in this time, but Morgan blew everybody out of the water with his 9 or 10 songs. Anyway, this tune has been cannibalized and reborn as the Three Piece Combo tune, "First the Bad News."

1. Everything is Potentially Beautiful, Therefore Ugliness is a Sin (4:58)

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July 13, 2002
Listening party at: Morgan's backyard
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Today was "concept album" day. People did different kinds of things - I personally did a mock two-sided album, with five normal songs on side one, and a ten concept fragments on side two. I'm leaving out song #3 because it's way too silly, even by my standards, and offers nothing of artistic interest (as if).

Side One:
1. Road Tolerance (1:39) *
2. Consider Killing Yourself Today (0:58)
3. Look at my Wang (0:53)
4. Drug Laws (2:15) *
5. On Celebrity (2:21)

Side Two:
The Instrumental Adventures of Buckles Bunklucky!
1. Buckles wakes up and walks to Peet's - on the way he discovers a new short cut through the woods (0:35)
2. Ouch! He steps on a rusty nail (0:30)
3. In the waiting room of Doctor Inch Footstein, Buckles is anxious and in serious pain (0:42)
4. Buckles has to have his leg amputated - at this news he faints - the Doctor immediately begins surgery (0:31)
5. Buckles wakes up from the operation and eventually leaves the hospital in a motorized wheelchair (0:50)
6. In a quiet, private ceremony Buckles buries his leg in the backyard (0:54)
7. A week later Buckles is pleased to discover that out of his planted leg grew another (0:43)
8. Using only local anesthetic, Dr. Footstein attaches the new limb with finesse (0:32)
9. However, the new leg bends the wrong way (0:30)
10. The end.. or is it? (0:43)

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April 6, 2002
Listening party at: Morgan's house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

The first of several joint sessions with the Wig Lodge. Many people arrived with gobs of material that we listened to well into the evening. Everybody talked through song #3, which really fucking pissed me off, but I didn't say anything until just now. I'm pleased with every song I did on this particular day, which is a rarity.

3. Drunk out of Boredom (0:55)
5. I am on Acid (1:22)
6. But! But! But! (4:08) *
7. Evil Warlord Stealthily Takes Princess Prisoner During Battle Sequence (0:31)
8. Perfectly Good Four Letter Words (0:25)
9. Pudge Part III: A Trip to Piedmont Cemetery (1:23) *

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March 10, 2002
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Between you and me I feel this is my personal best ICS day from the first two years, with April 6th, 2002 being a close second. And that's taking into account song #1 which is totally, totally stupid and #8 which has a funny title but otherwise sucks major eggs. Enough said.

1. Test Tones (0:57)
3. Remember Stressing About the SAT? (1:47)
5. The Vegan Cowboy (0:59)
7. Song for 1992 (3:01)
9. Battery Acid (2:33) *

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February 23, 2002
Listening party at: Morgan's house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Still stuck using the 4-track, I began recording drums in mono so I could efficiently add more parts to songs. I'll leave out a couple songs here, one because in it I'm screaming adult content well above my range (and it's a total Shellac ripoff).

1. Panic in Lansing (0:18)
3. Eventually I Will Kill it (0:44)
4. Scuba Diving in Sewage (0:51)
5. Things Todd Said (0:36)
6. The Big Show (2:32) *
8. Can There be Too Much Mouth Music? (0:26)
9. Fleeing From Botched Bank Robbery (0:38) **

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January 5, 2002
Listening party at: The Nursery
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Upset that Nic and Mike kept making compilations that only included my worst songs, I thought I'd be clever by making one long song, so they'd have no choice but to include it. Being as how it's a total angry, bummer of a song, they put it all they way at the end of the transmission.

1. The Chatterbox (13:20) *

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December 8, 2001
Listening party at: Nic and Nat's old house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

Starting to push the boundaries a bit in this set. Winter always brings out the prog rock in me. I'm fully aware that my Spanish is bad - that's the point, really.

1. The Only Worthwhile Song on the Radio (2:16)
2. Plantar Wart Song (1:34)
3. Painful Junior High School Crushes (2:56) *
4. Increasing Numbers (5:09) *
5. Because I'm a Black Hole (1:09) *
6. Escaping to the Mall (1:51)

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November 11, 2001
Listening party at: Nic and Nat's old house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

ICS day #2 for me. Still on the 4-track cassette, and still can't seem to get rid of that distortion. I spent the first two hours of the day working on a song about my family which was so depressing that after it was half recorded I almost cried. So I erased it, and wrote an epic about having complete, passionate sex with Satan himself. That's the first song, which nobody should ever hear again. The last song of the set is dedicated to Steve Reich.

1. A Song for the Family (4:02)
2. Cleaning the Basement (0:35)
3. Battle of the Network Stars (0:45) *
4. Money is Evil, Example #437 (3:39)
5. Two Man Enter, One Man Leave (1:44)
6. Canyons on an Extrasolar Planet (1:11)
7. Poor Man's Electronic Drumkit (0:24)
8. Take Me Home (0:52)
9. Cuss Phase (0:38)

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September 22, 2001
Listening party at: Nic and Nat's old house
Recorded on: Tascam 424mkIII

My very first ICS function. I've been doing speed composition/performing/recording for many years, so I fit right in with the (then still very small) gang. Everything was done on 4-track cassette. Note the uncontrollable distortion due to me not knowing the equipment very well yet.

1. Trying to Find Inspiration at 8:30 AM (2:48) *
2. I Love Your Guts (formerly: Smack n' Cheese) (0:40)
3. I'm Not Wearing any Pants (1:31)
4. There's a Special Place in Hell for You and Your Pet Dog (0:25)
5. Two out of Four Notes That I Can Coax From a Trumpet (0:52)
6. Bass Player's Lament (1:19)
7. My Ass is Beautiful (2:31) *
8. The Suzuki Method in Action (0:31)
9. Dull Razors Against my Sensitive Cheeks (0:57)
11. Ignoring Christmas (1:47)
12. Loud Stupid Americans (2:11) *

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