Midline Errors is a band featuring singer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Lebofsky. In the studio it's a one-man band. Sometimes on stage other musicians lend their extra hands/feet/voices (recently Jenya Chernoff, Nathaniel Hawkes, and Wally Scharold). Occasionally Matt takes a break from the band and performs solo or with many of his other projects. The first album (written/recorded a long time ago) is now available on line. There might be a second album, but in the meantime the band actually kinda morphed into another band called Bodies Floating Ashore.

Over the years Matt has written literally thousands and thousands of songs: short ditties, prog rock epics, sweet ballads, and angry anthems. Some are lucky enough to get recorded when they are "current," others are lost in the ocean in Matt's brain (or his boxes full of notes and tapes). The material found on Midline Errors albums is an experiment in fusing new and old - and studying the unpredictable results when they meet in the middle of time.