NEWS (Summer 2010): In case you haven't guessed the band is pretty much in permanent hiatus at this point. But that doesn't mean we don't have new music! I (Matt) just uploaded a bunch of unreleased tunes in the form of a new EP called "We're in Your Backyard." This, and the first album, are now available for streaming and digital download at:

Maybe we'll reform in the future, but life kinda took over for us in various ways and momentum went to zero on this project. Such is the way of indie rock.

Three Piece Combo is a three piece combo from Oakland, California that formed in 2002. Influences are many. All band members compose. Soundchecks are easy when nobody sings. The first CD was released in 2005, and an EP in 2010.

"You can tell a lot about the East Bay instrumental enigma Three Piece Combo from the company it keeps. For example, virtuosic saxophonist Mitch Marcus recently sat in with the guitar-bass-drums trio at an Oakland warehouse party, the act of which gives jazz cred to the Combo's thorny compositions, which don't exactly swing in the traditional sense. Perhaps a closer-to-home endorsement comes from the studio whiz who mixed the band's forthcoming debut CD: Dan Rathbun, bassist for pomo art rockers Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Similarly to SGM, Three Piece Combo arranges its soundtracks with heavy, syncopated grooves, dramatic stops and starts, jagged rhythms, unusual time signatures, and a crafty application of sculpted noise. Add to this Matt Lebofsky's sophisticated six-string melodies (a la Yes-era Steve Howe) and an overarchingly bent aesthetic that manages a rare twisted tunefulness." - Sam Prestianni, SF Weekly, 16 March 2005

"Drums front and center: That's the way Three Piece Combo rolls. The bass and guitar provide the rhythmic background for the centerpiece of the band's alluring sound... But that wasn't the only thing unique about the all-instrumental drums-bass-guitar trio. In the opening song, Matt Lebofsky played his guitar with a pencil in place of a pick, thudding the strings as if he were holding a drumstick. Three Piece Combo's sound is one part melodic and catchy riffs, one part funky bass lines, and some jarring tempos thrown in for good measure. The band's music is much harder than most of the indie rock music that is out there right now, which is a welcome change. Throughout their set, Alex de Soria delivered bass lines of death. Sometimes accenting the expressive thundering drums of John [sic] Curtis or, at other times, complimenting Matt's melodic guitar riffs. It's exciting to watch their intensity grow and change throughout each song... By and far the most engaging part of the show was watching the man who was front and center. John Curtis is definitely part of a phenomenon I've noticed more and more with every show I attend - the revival of the drummer - and I love it." - Nicole Leigh - Wiretap Music, 20 July 2007

Other bands/artists you may see (or have seen) Jon, Alex, or Matt perform with include: miRthkon, MoeTar, Fuzzy Cousins, Inner Ear Brigade, Midline Errors, Faun Fables, The Fuxedos, Research and Development, Mumble & Peg, Peachfish, Dropsy, Roy Batty Quintet, JOB, Ramona the Pest, Species Being, Six Eye Columbia, Dan Plonsey's Daniel Popsicle, John Vanderslice, Mark Growden, Casino Royale.

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